University Course Design and Teaching Experience

For all of the graduate-level content courses below, the version I teach is almost entirely my own design, including content, assignments, video presentations, assessments, and every aspect of the course site in our learning management system (D2L). Most have taught many times and re-designed as needed. Course descriptions and sample syllabi for many of these courses can be found at:

Online Graduate Level Courses – Designer and Instructor:

Sample syllabi for many of these courses can be found at:

  • Methods of Language Teaching
  • Program Development and Administration
  • Foreign/Second Language Acquisition
  • Culture (and Interculturality) in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Language Concepts for Foreign Language Teachers
  • Reading in a Foreign Language
  • Special Topics: Sociolinguistics and Spoken Language
  • Special Topics: Literacy in a Foreign Language
  • Special Topics: Reflective Teaching and Teacher Inquiry
  • Experiential Modules – mentor students through extensive final projects
  • Final Portfolios – designed course and guidelines, guide students in reflection and web design

Face to Face University Courses – Designer and Instructor:

  • Methods of Language Teaching – MSU M.A. TESOL Program
  • Methods of Second/Foreign Language Teaching – MSU B.A. Level
  • Sociolinguistics – GSU M.A. Level
  • Language in Society – GSU B.A. level