Professional Organizations

  • ACTFL – American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • CEFR – Council of Europe – Common European Framework of Reference
  • AAAL – American Association for the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • MLA – Modern Language Association
  • Language Consortium – Master List of Language-Specific Organizations

Remote Learning and Teaching

Looking for remote teaching resources specifically?

Also see these posts:

Language Learning Resources at MSU

MSU Library Research Guide to Language Learning Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER)

COERLL Language Resource Center at the University of Texas at Austin

These two links go to terrific summaries of OER language teaching resources, many of them curated and highly searchable:

National Foreign Language Resource Centers

There are Title IV language resource centers all over the U.S., each specializing in different languages and aspects of language teaching and learning. This page provides introductions to all of them, as well as a search engine that accesses resources from all of them:

FLLITE Project

Foreign Language Literacy in the Everyday

The FLLITE Approach (project sponsored by COERLL and CERCLL)