This section of the site primarily provides resources in regard to key areas within the field of applied linguistics and language teaching that I teach often, that I have used in my research, or that my students regularly ask about and (I think) need to hear.

The pages here cover particular areas that are usually sub-topics in my courses or topics that come up when students are designing and implementing their Experiential Module Projects.

I have given a number of presentations or workshops that include these topics and provide slides and sometimes videos on the relevant pages.

My Experience in Language Teaching

Considering that language teaching is the content of every course that I teach these days, I have quite a lot to say about it. My experience is primarily in teaching English as a second or foreign language, but by now I have worked with well over 100 teachers of 17 other languages as a professor and program director. Over the years they have had a considerable impact on my beliefs and values, and exploring input and advice to offer to them has impacted my approaches as well. For a summary of my (official) language teaching experience, click here:

FLT Course Designs

These are the courses that I have designed and taught for the MAFLT. I am gradually adding sub-pages for each of them. You will not find complete syllabi on these sub-pages, but you will find a list of topics and some recommended resources.

  • Methods of Foreign Language Teaching
  • Foreign / Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
  • Culture and Intercultural Competence
  • Language Concepts
  • Reading in a Foreign Language
  • Special Topics: Sociolinguistics & Spoken Language
  • Special Topics: Literacy and Biliteracy
  • Special Topics: Reflective Teaching
  • Experiential Modules (mentoring capstone projects)
  • Final Portfolio (the course in which we build it)

In Spring 2020, I began teaching a new version of our course in am revising and teaching our course in Program Development & Administration, and in the next few semesters I hope to add Special Topics course in Teacher Inquiry.