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Recommended reading on distance learning and online instruction, both in general and specifically for the field of language teaching.

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The Spider and the Butterfly

This perspective on remote learning and teaching may sound strange at first, but bear with me.

Tech-Savvy FL Teachers Recommend…

Finding the right tool can be difficult for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the tech tools are hard to find because we aren’t quite sure what we are looking for.…

Keep Teaching FLT for Proficiency

Whether you have to teach remotely or you just want to use technology in innovative ways… Keep focusing on teaching language for proficiency! It doesn’t matter how many great new…

Are You Ready to Go #RemoteFLT?

How is the transition to remote learning going for you? What are your needs? What are your recommendations? Cross-posted on the MAFLT site: Please take a few minutes to…

Welcome to the Online Learning World

Cross-posted on the MAFLT site: Friends, colleagues, students, parents of small children, lend me your ears: there are no easy answers. Education is changing before our eyes, and some…
Presentation_MAFLTutorial cover

Creating and Sharing a Video Presentation

#MAFLTutorial from the MAFLT Community site in D2L Updated 3/20/2020 The following instructions were originally created to teach MAFLT Students how to complete the technical aspects of sharing a video…