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Principles and practices of language learning and teaching

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Principles and practices of training language teachers

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Principles and practices of designing and implementing instruction in online spaces

Applied Linguist

This site includes my professional portfolio as well as sets of resources on language teaching, teaching language teachers, online instruction, and my own forays into teacher inquiry as well as work I have done with my students as a mentor and collaborator. 

Language Teacher Educator

At Michigan State University, I have been faculty since 2013 and currently serve as Program Director of the online graduate programs in Foreign Language Teaching in the College of Arts and Letters. Click the button below to learn more about these programs or click the logo on the right to go to the program website.

Program Director

The MAFLT and the FLT Certificate are online graduate programs designed to meet the needs of current and aspiring teachers of any target language. We provide a principled balance of theory and practice in a flexible and distance-based but interactive format. Courses emphasize proficiency-based approaches, effective integration of culture and technology, and leadership.

Reflections and News

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Advocacy for World Language Programs

Why learn a world language? Advocacy Resources @MSU_MAFLT Also published on the MAFLT blog: https://maflt.cal.msu.edu/program-news. Advocacy has been a prevalent theme for world language teachers and programs in the U.S. recently. Teachers are overworked, programs Read more…

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If you are part of the MSU community, you can reach me via Outlook or Teams.

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